How To Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in AlightMotion?

Hindi fonts in AlightMotion assignments and now want to give your
projects a Hindi touch? But the question is here: how to add stylish Hindi fonts in alight motion
projects? Let’s find the answer here, where we will let you learn how to add stylish Hindi fonts to
your videos to make them more appealing to Indian audiences.
We all know that Alight Motion is a professional motion graphics software for Android and iOS
devices. It offers multiple functions and features to create fascinating visual specs and animations.
The app has quickly gained a loyal following, particularly among content creators on social sharing

like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It will let users add text, shapes, fonts, and images
their videos, which can be seamlessly integrated with different attractive effects and transitions.
The app is not complicated. However, many users, especially new ones, may face problems while
importing Hindi fonts to their projects. That’s why we have written this guide blog post to let them
learn how to download, install, and customize Hindi fonts according to their needs.

Hindi Fonts Styles

Hindi font styles are a set of typefaces that are created for writing the Hindi language. Hindi is an
Indian official language and is widely spoken across the globe and a number of font styles have
been developed to meet diverse preferences and needs to express Hindi Fonts in AlightMotion.

The fonts have different styles and designs, providing a variety of visual options for different uses
in both print and digital media. Whether it is for formal documentation, artistic depiction, or
everyday communication, Hindi fonts help to express language attractively and clearly.Hindi Fonts in AlightMotion

3 steps Hindi Fonts in AlightMotion

Step 1: Download & install Hindi font styles in Alight Motion

  • To use Hindi font styles, you should download and install them on your device and then
    import to the app.
  • Visit websites like Dafont Font fontsquirrel or others that offer Hindi fonts.
  • Find the desired fonts and download them.
  • If your downloaded fonts are in zip format, you need to extract them and then install.
    Step 2: Use Hindi Fonts styles in Alight Motion
    As you have downloaded and installed the desired Hindi fonts, now it’s time to use them in the
    alight motion. Here is how to use them;
  • Open the app and tap on Create a Project.
  • You can also choose the existing project.
  • Now, click on the “Text” option and choose the “Font” from the text editing panel.
  • A list of fonts will appear in front of you; select the desired font.
    Step 3: Customize Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion
    Don’t like your downloaded font? Don’t worry; you can customize it according to your preferences.
    Here is what you can change;
  • Add glow effect: Import desired text to the app, choose the text layer and tap on the
    Effects” option. Now open the “Basic Effects” tab and click on the “Glow” option from
    there. Click on “Apply” and enjoy glowing effects to your text.
  • Add gradients: To add gradients, open your app and choose your project. Now, import
    the font to the timeline, and then choose the font and click on the “Gradient” option. Once
    selected, pick up the desired color and setting, and finally apply them to see.
  • Add 3D effects: Select the text layer, apply animation via graphs, add shadow glow
    effects, and then outline it. Check it is 3D, and then hit the “Click” button.
  • Font size: The app will let you modify your font size as you want, allowing you to adjust it
    to either a larger or smaller size.
  • Change font color: Different color combinations always make your project more
    appealing. This app will also let you adjust the contrast of different font colors to make
    your project exact per your requirements.
  • Effects: The app offers different effects for fonts that can enhance their appearance by
    adding various shades, borders, and dropped shadows.
  • Animation: The Alight Motion provides different animations that can be applied to text,
    such as scrolling and other effects, to add motion to your project.
  • Add textures: If you want to make your text more realistic, then apply textures from light
    motion. For it, you need to import the desired font, apply a new layer, and then choose the
    font. Now tap on the “Effects” and look for “Texture”. After selecting the desired texture,
    adjust its setting and apply.
  • Add curve fonts: Transfer the desired text to the app, choose the text layer, and tap on
    the “Transform”> “Curve” option. You can drag the curve handle to set the curve shape
    as you want. Once done, tap on “Apply.”
    So, enjoy customizing fonts to make your project more attractive and appealing.Hindi Fonts in AlightMotion


You can get free and paid stylish fonts of Hindi from many websites like Google Fonts, Dafont,

Please make sure that the font you downloaded and installed supports Hindi characters. Some
fonts may have a restricted character. Moreover, it is recommended to download fonts from
reliable sources to ensure that they are not corrupted.

To animate fonts, you first need to add a text layer and then choose it.

  • Click on the keyframe tab, apply the keyframe, and utilize graphs to animate it.
  • Now, preview the video and apply it.


Applying Hindi fonts in Alight Motion projects not only elevates the visual appeal but also
recognizes linguistic diversity, thereby widening the potential audience. Alight Motion is a user-
friendly application in 2023 for importing and using custom fonts, making it easy for beginners to
Creators have a broad palette to play with because of the many online resources available,
offering a wide range of Hindi fonts. However, it is essential to ensure that font formats are
compatible and to be mindful of licensing necessities. By following best practices, it’s possible to
add the attractiveness and core of Hindi typography to Alight Motion projects seamlessly.