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Alight Motion Mod APK (v5.0.260) Without Watermark 2024

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OVERVIEW: Alight Motion Mod APK

Whether you’re an animator or an expert video editor, Alight Motion Mod APK has exciting keyframes for you because it can turn your ordinary footage into something extraordinary with its amazing and stunning features. It is developed for people who want to get into advanced video editing without spending a penny. Choose this best video editing tool due to its various advanced editing options to impress your audience for free.

It’s the time to say goodbye to expensive video editing apps because this is your all-in-one tool to create hassle free captivating videos either on PC, Android, or iOS. I suggest you to download the latest version of Alight Motion Pro+Mod APK that offers premium features for free. Read more to find out why animators and creators love Alight motion!

Alight Motion Mod APK

Why Alight Motion MOD APK?

Alight Motion was released by Alight Creative Inc. in 2018 on the Google Play Store and later it was launched on the Apple App Store. People liked it due to its user-friendly interface that caters to all skill levels.

This motion graphics app is designed for anyone who wants to get into advanced video editing and composing. That’s why you can create eye-catching animations and graphics right on your smartphone or other Android devices by using Alight Motion in as streamlined procedure like counting 1-2-3.

In the modified version of Alight Motion, you can access to some advanced video editing features free of cost that are locked in the pro version. Moreover, you can use the Alight Motion Pro to get XML file support and a freehand drawing facility. And it comes with a monthly or yearly fee. But that’s what we have a modded version for, Get Alight Motion Pro for free by downloading Alight Motion Mod APK.

What’s new with Alight Motion Mod APK is that it’s for everyone for free. Our Alight Motion Mod APK has gone through tests, and we’ve made it safe from all viruses after detecting all types of malware like picsart photo editor

Enjoy a lag-free experience with our Alight Motion Mod Apk. Read the features to find out how our version differs from the regular one and find out the benefits of Alight Motion Mod APK. Moreover, you can download Alight Motion for iOS from this website.

alight motion for the old version with features

What are the features of Alight Motion?

Discover the awesome features of Alight Motion as well as Pro features in the mod version:

Multiple Layer Graphics

 Alight Motion breaks free from basic video editing by letting you work with multiple graphics layers. You can manipulate vector and bitmap graphics on your smartphone, eliminating the need for expensive PC software.

Hundreds of Visual Effects

With over 1000+ visual effects, you can transform your videos effortlessly. These effects cover everything from color correction to cool animations, giving your videos a professional touch without any practice.

Key Frame Animation

Create smooth and precise animations with ease. You have control over custom animations, timing, and presets to speed things up. You can edit frame by frame for fine-tuned adjustments and have precise control over object positions within your animation.

Numerous Editing Tools

Alight Motion provides various tools for all your creative needs, from adjusting colors to adding effects. You can enhance images, merge videos, and create animations effortlessly.

Vector Graphics Magic

Alight Motion makes Vector graphics easy. Unleash your creativity with easy-to-use vector graphics that can be animated easily within your videos.

Text Transformation

With over 1000+ visual effects, you can transform your videos effortlessly. These effects cover everything from color correction to cool animations, giving your videos a professional touch without any practice.

Clean and Simple Interface

The best part is that Alight Motion offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. The editing process is simple and efficient editing in Alight Motion.

Flexible Export Options

 Export your work in various video formats like MP4, GIF, PNG, and JPEG. Alight Motion makes it easy to share your creations across multiple platforms in different formats.

Screenshots of Alight Motion

Alight Motion Mod Apk Features

Now, let’s check out the premium stuff you get with the Alight Motion Pro APK. Everything we mentioned before is free on app stores, but the under-given pro goodies are available at a cost and are locked.

Grabbing our mod version allows you to supercharge your video editing game for free. We’re talking about unlocking fancy tools and skills that used to cost money, all for free, when you download the Alight Motion Mod APK. Here are some additional perks you can expect:

No More Watermarks:

Say goodbye to those annoying logos or symbols on your creative work. Our modified version removes them, letting your artistic skills shine without interruptions.

AI-Powered Assistance:

Imagine having a smart helper that looks at your videos and suggests ways to improve them. Alight Motion Mod APK automatically uses computer algorithms to do this, saving you time and effort when editing.

Tailored Timelines:

Get separate timelines for video, image, and audio formats. It makes your projects more organized and accessible regarding different types of media.

Ad-Free Interface:

With the mod version, no more annoying ads will pop up while you’re trying to edit. You’ll have a clean and distraction-free editing experience so you can focus on your creativity

Unlocked Filters: 

Access a wide range of filters, from dynamic effects to shadow effects and gradient fill effects. Enhance your videos further and make them stand out.

Velocity-Based Motion Blurring:

This feature helps you make your videos look more realistic by blurring objects in motion. It adds depth and makes your videos visually attractive. It’s available in the pro version.

Gradient Fill Effect:

 Elevate your animations with gradient fills and solid colors. With this Pro feature, you can enhance the visual impact of your creations. Borders and shadow effects tools are also available.

New Effects:

Try out cool new effects like Streak Strips, Page Curl, Luma Stamper, Omino Glass, Dark Glow, and Omino Diffusion to bring a new spark to your videos.

Additional Features:

Get hands-on with advanced editing tools such as Raster Extrude, Star Polyhedron, and Parenting Helper. These make the job of animators a lot easier. Also, enjoy the perks of Chroma Key for stunning visual effects. Lastly, XML support is available in Alight Motion Mod APK, giving you more freedom to work with data and settings in your projects.

How to install Alight Motion Mod APK on Android?

If you want to install this apk on your device you must have following requirements:

System Requirements for Android:

  • RAM: 4GB (recommended), 1.5GB (minimum, may cause lag)
  • Android version: Android 6 or higher

Steps to install Alight Motion Mod APK on Android: 

  1. Open your Android device’s browser.
  2. Visit our website for the Alight Motion Pro APK download.
  3. Find and tap the download button on the website.
  4. Wait for the download to finish. The APK file will be saved on your device.
  5. Open your device’s file manager.
  6. Navigate to the folder where the APK file was downloaded.
  7. Select the APK file.
  8. If the “Install” button isn’t visible, enable “Unknown sources” in your device’s security settings.
  9. Return to the file manager and tap the APK file again.
  10. Confirm the installation.
  11. Wait for the installation to complete.
  12. Find the Alight Motion Pro app icon in your app drawer or on the home screen.
  13. Tap the icon to launch the app.
  14. Follow any setup instructions if prompted, and it’ll be installed.

How To Use Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is fairly easy to use, but not all of us are tech-savvy, and that’s alright. Here’s a guide for beginners to understand how to use Alight Motion. Once you’ve installed it successfully, follow these steps to make your first video by using Alight Motion:

  • Step 1: Import Your Photos (Optional)
  •  If you’d like to work with photos from your phone’s camera, you can bring them into the app. However, skip this step if your photos are already on your phone.
  • Step 2: Open the Alight Motion App
  • To kick things off, open up the Alight Motion app on your phone to access the editing tools. Simply tap the “Choose Files” button within the app to select your preferred photos.
  • Step 3:Edit Your Photos
  • You have two options: edit each photo individually or make changes to multiple photos simultaneously. Pick the method that suits you best and make the edits you desire, such as cropping or adjusting angles.
  • Step 4: Apply Filters
  •  Try out filters from over 1000 and select the one that enhances your project’s look. You can apply filters to each photo separately or collectively to all your photos.
  • Step 5:Add Text Overlay
  •  Use layers to add text to your images. You can add text to each image separately or create a single layer for all images. It’s easy to use one text overlay for the whole project.
  • Step 6:Enhance with Extras
  • If you wish, add a bit of flair and charm to your video by including stickers, emojis, or other elements. This step allows you to infuse a personal touch into your project. Be as artistic as you wish.
  • Step 7: Preview Your Video
  • Before finalizing your work, play the video in editing mode or review the layers to ensure that all your modifications are how you want them.
  • Step 8:Save and Export Your Video
  •  Save your changes once you’re content with your edits. You can use the app’s built-in options or choose from the available export formats. Opt for the MP4 format and HD resolution for optimal quality and compatibility.

Pros and Cons of Alight Motion

Alight Motion is the first app for creating moving graphics on your smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. We noticed a few cons with it and improved our modified version. Let’s take a look at why people love Alight Motion for video editing:


  • Constant Improvement: Even though Alight Motion is one of the first motion design apps, it maintains a solid track record of continuous enhancement. It’s constantly updating and is always head-to-head with ongoing innovation in the video editing realm.
  • Diverse Export Options: This app makes it easy to save your videos, images, and animations in different formats, so you don’t have to convert them later.
  • Layered Creativity: Alight Motion allows users to work concurrently with multiple graphics, videos, and audio layers. This makes it easier to edit and gives you more creative freedom.
  • Rich Library of Effects: With an expansive selection of over 2000 text fonts, 1000 filters, and effects, Alight Motion provides a broad spectrum of choices for elevating your videos.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: Alight Motion is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, you can edit your projects no matter which kind of phone or tablet you have.
  • User-Friendly Tutorials: Alight Motion has easy-to-follow tutorials that help beginners learn how to use the app. It’s designed to be helpful for people of all skill levels so you can get the hang of it quickly.


  • Advertisement Interruptions (Regular Version): If you use the free version of Alight Motion, you might see annoying ads occasionally while using the app. Therefore, we’ve made a mod version for a free ad-free experience on Alight.
  • Initial Navigation Challenge: When you first start using the app, figuring out how to get around might be tricky. Learning how everything works takes a little time, especially if you’re new to it.
  • Watermark (Regular Version): In the free version of Alight Motion, there’s a logo added to your edited videos. You might not want this if you want to share videos without that logo.
  • Bugs and Crashes: The app’s occasional bugs and crashes can affect its stability, potentially resulting in data loss. We know how important it is for you to have a smooth and problem-free editing experience. That’s why our modified app version has fixes for issues like bugs and crashes.
  • Export Duration: Exporting sound files from Alight Motion may consume significant time. This could be a problem if you have a deadline to meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Alight Motion Mod APK is safe to use if it’s downloaded from a safe site. You can rest easy if you’re downloading from us. Our Professional developers made it, and it’s tested to be free from spam and viruses. It won’t slow down your device and keeps your data secure.

To install Alight Motion Mod APK on Android, you need to download the APK file from a trusted source, enable “Unknown sources” in your device’s settings, and follow the installation instructions in the article.

You can use the Alight Motion Mod APK to remove the watermark from Alight Motion. This modified version eliminates watermarks; you won’t need other editing apps to remove it.

Alight Motion is a powerful mobile editing app known for its capabilities in 3D animation and motion graphics. It stands out in this regard and is often compared favorably to other apps like Video Star. Additionally, Alight Motion enables users to add, edit, and animate vector drawings, making it a versatile choice for creative video editing.

Alight Motion works on various devices, but for the best experience, it’s best to have these specifications:

  • For Android: We recommend using Android 7.0 or newer for smooth performance. It’s also better to have at least 2 GB of RAM (the memory). It works well on devices with processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung Exynos, MediaTek, Kirin HiSilicon, Tegra, or Intel Atom.
  • For iOS: It’s supported on iOS devices running version 13, but it’s recommended to use it on 14.4 or higher.

Final Words

In conclusion, the latest Alight Motion Mod APK premium unlocked is now available to everyone, absolutely free. We’ve taken careful measures to ensure your safety and removed all traces of viruses or malware. Bid farewell to those annoying lags and glitches with our optimized Alight Motion Mod APK.