How to Use templates on Alight Motion

templates on alight motion the emerging trend of digital content creation, video editing has also grown as an essential
skill on both personal and business levels. Alight Motion, a mobile application popular for its
versatility and giant functions, is trending up due to its easy interface. One of its remarkable
features is the template scheme, which allows you to make attractive videos easily.

Using the templates, making professional videos becomes a matter of minutes. So, regardless
of your expertise, even new users can play with it for any project. Using the app is easy;
however, using its templates for your first video may tense you somewhere. But don’t worry,
here is a solution.
Let’s read this article to learn about how to use templates on Alight Motion to elevate your video
editing game and many things

What are alight motion templates?

Alight Motion templates are project files that are already designed and can be modified to meet
specific requirements. These templates are freely available in various styles and themes, like
kinetic typography, logo animations, and complex motion graphics. By using templates, even the
naive video editors can also create standard videos without requiring expertise.templates on Alight Motion

How to access templates on Alight Motion?

  • Getting started with Alight Motion templates is easy.
  • Open the Alight Motion app from your phone.
  • It’s best to download the current version of the app to access the latest template library.
  • other desired one.
  • Now select the “+” icon or “New Project”. This will lead you to a blank canvas or any
  • To access the template library, select the latter option.
  • The template library is a hub of creative resources. It contains various categories,
  • including intros, transitions, titles, and more.
  • Alight Motion ensures that the template library is frequently updated. Thus you need to
  • check out the latest additions to get trending options.

How to use Alight Motion templates?

  • Choose a template: To choose a template, simply find one that suits your project and
    preview its animation. This will help you check if the template aligns you perfectly. If you’re ok
    with it, select it to start customizing.
  • Customize the template: Each template of alight Motion offers multiple customization
    options. You can customize the text, set colors, change animation duration, and add or remove
    elements. Further, you can go to the settings to see other options.
  • Customize the text: Customize the text in the template to deliver your message or bring it
    into line with your brand. Check and apply different fonts, sizes, and styles for perfect matching.
    Even if you’re new to video editing, Alight Motion’s user-friendly text editor makes it easy.
  • Set time and duration: Adjust the time and duration of each element according to your
    preferences. The app offers a timeline that allows you to smoothly drag and modify keyframes to
    manage the animation’s rhythm.
  • Customize the color scheme and apply effects: Here, you can customize the colors and
    effects to align the branding or theme. Alight Motion features a wide-ranging color wheel and a
    multitude of effects to elevate the visual appeal of your project.
  • Apply media element: Add your media elements into templates that contain image or video
    placeholders to give a personal touch. Alight Motion supports users to import media from their
    devices easily.
  • Review and preview: In the final step, you should review and preview your project to see if
    the customization fits as you want. This is mandatory to make further required adjustments
    before exporting the final prompt.
  • Command export settings: Now go to the export settings and select the required
    resolution, frame rate, and quality of the video. These settings play a crucial role, especially
    when someone wants to share his video on particular platforms.
  • Export options: Alight Motion offers multiple export choices, such as saving the project to
    your device, direct sharing to social media, or exporting as a GIF. Go for the best option that fits
    properly as you want.

Limitations of Alight Motion templates

Alight Motion templates can be a valuable asset to save time and offer numerous advantages.
However, you should also not ignore their limitations. For instance, every template may not
cater to all your desires and let you get the desired outcomes.
For unique and trendy video creation using Alight Motion’s white background, you need to use
distinctive elements. However, it’s also essential to improve your video creation and editing
abilities to create stunning videos that showcase your skills to the world. With the availability of
free templates, it is possible to make a video project that showcases your social media and
cinematography skills.templates on Alight Motion

How to download Alight Motion templates?

  • First, you are required to download Alight Motion from the given download button.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed, explore the pre-made templates and select the desired ones.
  • Now open the new or existing project, and apply and customize the selected template as
  • you want


  • The latest version has some new effects.
  • The new version boasts of improved performance.
  • Bugs that had been identified have also been removed.


You can see the Alight Motion background video on the Google Play Store. However, you can
also get its latest version from there.

Yes, it’s possible to download the Alight Motion background image.


Alight Motion templates can significantly impact video editors’ productivity, regardless of their
experience level. These templates offer a powerful tool to streamline the editing process, save
time, and make visually stunning videos. Mastering the use of Alight Motion templates can
unlock unlimited creative possibilities for content creators, social media enthusiasts, and
business owners. You can explore different templates, modify them according to your style, and
give your videos a professional touch.