How To Mask On Alight Motion (Ultimate Guide to Use Masking Feature Free)

Do you find it enjoyable when a scene in a movie has several layers at once? If Yes, then let’s discuss that fantastic Alight Motion video editing function. When we look back ten years in the past, were there any movies that come to mind where an actor played two roles in one production? 

What if the title and other sequences were inserted together? The Mask on Alight Motion tool is the only one that has such incredible features. Alight Motion has a famous feature that allows you to pick and choose whatever areas of your project to work on, so you may copy, replicate, cover up, overlay, edit, or show your film.

The article includes creating in Alight Motion, various masking techniques, and a comprehensive tutorial on masking in Alight Motion. Let’s begin with a quick overview of masking before moving on to the process. 

What Masking Means in Video Editing

Masking in Alight motion Mod APK is effective for working with particular areas of your pictures and films. It includes covering your material with a mask—a picture, a form, or words. This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the various aspects of masking, from fundamental methods to complex characteristics.

So, what is the main benefit of masking? The critical advantage of masking is that it allows you to make amazing videos that display your editing abilities. So, what are the key features Alight Motion App gives make it easy to use? Let’s figure out. 

Different Types of Masks on Alight Motion 

we have discussed the different masking techniques for interactive video editing in the most recent version of Alight Motion:

  • Layer Masking
  • In Alight Motion, layer masking is a basic masking technique. To manage a layer’s visibility, parts of it are either hidden or made visible. Layer masking is a flexible technique that may be applied to various effects, including selective layer modifications and perfect image mixing.
  • Clipping Mask
  • Using a clipping mask, one layer can control how many other layers are below it. When you want an image or element to only show inside the borders of another layer, this approach comes in helpful. The Alight Motion masking technique makes it simple to perform clipping masking.
  • Shape Masking
  • Using vector shapes as masks, such as circles or customized shapes, is known as shape masking. Using this method, you can limit a layer’s display to the selected shape’s boundary.
  • Text Masking
  • Using text as a mask for additional layers is a creative approach known as text masking. You can make some areas of an image or video layer visible by overlaying text over the layer, including typography animations and effects that can come from text masking.
  • Animated Masking
  • With animated masking, you can add movement to your masks and elevate your compositions to a new level. Dynamic effects can be achieved in your film or animation by gradually animating a mask’s location, size, or additional characteristics. Every kind of Alight Motion masking provides a different way to manage your layers’ visibility and look.  Mask On Alight Motion.

How to Create a Mask on Alight Motion

Once you know the steps, creating masks in Alight Motion is easy and straightforward. Keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Add Media
  • Bring in a picture, movie, or other graphic to be used as a mask. To add a mask, click the layer you want to add to select it first.
  • Open Mask Tool
  • To access the masking tools, tap the “Masks” icon located in the toolbar. Alternately, click the “+” button on the layer you want and choose “Mask.” Next, select the shape of the mask you want: circle, triangle, or oval
  • Draw the Initial Mask
  • Make the first mask shape on a piece of paper with your finger. Arrange it such that it covers the desired region of masking.
  • Adjust the Shape
  • Tap the shape’s attachment points to adjust the mask’s outline if necessary. For accuracy, stretch, distort, or rescale it. Change the feather setting on the mask to achieve softer edges. Increased values distort the mask’s edge.
  • Stimulate and Modify
  • To make your mask move over time, use keyframes. Continue adjusting until the outcome you want is achieved.

That’s it—you’ve successfully made and used your first Alight Motion mask! You’ll get more proficient and comfortable masking even complex forms with practice. Mask On Alight Motion

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Typical Application for Alight Motion Masking

This comprehensive table offers an in-depth description of all the ways that Alight Motion masking can be used to improve video material.

use caseDescription
Text EffectsUsing masked layers, create dynamic text animations that make the text appear or disappear uniquely. It is Ideal for descriptions, titles, and introductions.
TransitionsUse masks to reveal new scenes or to blend two video clips together to create smooth transitions between them.
Color GradingUse region masking to apply color grading or correction to specific parts of your video.
Background ReplacementBy masking the subject and adding a new background image or video, you may change or replace the background in a video.
Selective BlurringBlur some portions of the video to protect privacy or draw attention to particular areas.
Image CompositingFor creative compositions, combine several photos or videos and use masking to mix them together perfectly.
Special EffectsControl the appearance of numerous special effects, such as particles or explosions, by altering their appearance with masks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alight Motion App

We are able to distinguish between the benefits and drawbacks of this application based on the above-mentioned practical experience. Mask On Alight Motion


  • Multiple Layers of Videos, Audios, and Graphics: You can share your images, sounds, and videos using this app and arrange them into multiple layers for better editing.
  • Constant Improvement: There is always a better version or update available. This indicates that the video editing business will see a great deal of creativity in the near future because of Alight Motion.
  • Android and IOS Support: This app suits iOS and Android smartphones.


  • Advertisement Pop-Up (Free Version): When using the free version of the Alight Motion App, advertisements can appear.
  • Watermark (Free Version): After editing your video, a watermark log will appear if you are using the free version of the Alight software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 6GB of RAM is sufficient for essential Alight Motion use, but complex projects may benefit from more RAM. However, it requires only 1.5GB to run.

Step 1: Launch the Alight Motion app, then select an existing project or start a new one. Step 2: Tap the “Effects” button after selecting the layer to which you wish to apply the effect. Step 3: To apply the chosen effect to the chosen layer, browse through the various effects and tap on it.

 In order to run Alight Motion on a PC, For the most realistic experience, the BlueStacks app player is the ideal way to enjoy editing on your Mac or PC. Participate in the revolution.

 For HD, a minimum of 16 GB RAM is acceptable; however, when editing in 4K or 6K, that minimum increases to 32 GB or more. Storage speed is important since the CPU and RAM need to be able to access data rapidly.


In Alight Motion, masks are similar to the hidden components that add that extra special touch to your video editing recipe. They let you add that professional touch to your projects, manage what appears in your video, and create attractive effects. You may become an expert at masking in Alight Motion and advance your abilities in video editing with a little effort and imagination. Therefore, don’t be afraid to play around with masks, investigate your options, and let your creativity run wild. Happy editing, and may the mysterious appeal of masks always come through in your videos!