Alight Motion vs. KineMaster: Which one is the better editing app?

When it comes to mobile editing application preferences, many editors prefer the two most reviewed apps, Alight Motion vs. KineMaster. Now the question is which editing tool is better? Alight Motion is an advanced editing application for pros due to its highly advanced features. On the other hand, KineMatser is an adequate choice for newbies because of its user-friendly interface.

Both applications are powerful tools for creating and editing videos on the go, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. Let’s explore the features and draw a comparison between these two most reviewed mobile editing applications which one is best.

Alight Motion vs. Kinemater: Features and Comparison

Alight Motion: Due to its strong features and adaptability, Alight Motion has become more and more popular among social media influencers, mobile content creators, and video fans. It removes the need for more complicated desktop editing software by allowing users to create professional-looking videos straight from their mobile devices. Videos can be edited with different effects, transitions, and animations by users, making them appropriate for various creative projects.

KineMaster: KineMaster, on the other hand, has gained popularity for its simplicity, user-friendly design, and wide range of features catering to casual users and content creators. It lets users include numerous layers of video, images, and effects to produce immersing and more professional-looking videos. The app is suitable for a variety of purposes, including social media content, YouTube videos, and other creative projects.Alight Motion vs. KineMaster

Which editing app is more practical regarding features, Alight Motion or KineMaster? 

Let us go through the most stand-out features of both Alight Motion and KineMaster: 

Keyframe Animation: 

With Alight Motion’s advanced keyframe animation features, users can easily and smoothly create animations by identifying important points along the timeline. This means users can create and edit intricate animations and custom graphics directly within the app, providing a level of creative freedom not commonly found in mobile editing applications.

This feature of Alight Motion gives you a great deal of control over the video’s movement and transitions. Whereas KineMaster lacks this particular feature. Instead, it provides distinct visual effects and animation-related tools that might not be as detailed and precise as the ones Alight Motion offers. So, if you are looking to create high-quality animation-related videos, then Alight Motion should be your option to go.

Audio Edits

Alight Motion lets users edit audio separately in videos. This allows users with better sound management in a video. As for Kinemaster, this editing application allows its users with advanced features. It lets them add and edit multiple audio tracks in a video.

It also allows users with voiceover features as well as lets users record real-time videos with audio. This is also beneficial in creating professional-sounding videos. So, if you prefer incorporating advanced audio editing tools in your video editing, then KineMaster is the option for you because it has more advanced audio editing features as compared to Alight Motion. 

Color Correction

Alight Motion offers additional advanced and new color correction features.  The app has a variety of color correction tools. It also has effects, color balancing, hues, saturation, brightness, and whatnot. Whereas KineMaster has over 300 amazing effects to pick from. It is an easy-to-use app that can give your videos a unique and captivating feel. You can also transform the background picture of videos.

In addition, users can also change the font style and color to add more interest and visual appeal to their films. The free version of the app gives everyone access to this feature. Alight Motion vs. KineMaster Although both apps comprise advanced color correction features, it is entirely the user’s preference which editing application to use for color correction. 

Multi-Layering Feature

Alight Motion and KineMaster, both editing applications, provide multi-layer features. This feature lets users edit their videos layer by layer. For instance, adding text, graphics, effects, and images to the video. When talking about the Multi-layering feature, Alight Motion offers advanced features like allowing users to add effects to certain parts of a video or masking. Alight Motion also offers users with velocity editing that allows users to adjust the speed of a video from slow to fast or fast to slow. 

KineMaster lacks some advanced features you can easily find in Alight Motion. However, KineMaster also supports multi-layer features. It provides a range of transitions from which you can choose to create smooth transitions between the videos. You can also add graphics, text, audio, and much more to your video. Conclusively, if you prefer using multi-layer features for your videos, then consider opting for Alight Motion for more advanced features. 

Video Exporting Format

High-definition video export is supported by both Alight Motion and KineMaster; however, Alight Motion and KineMaster both provide 4K resolution for video export. With Alight Motion, it is much easier to save videos in the best resolution. XML, PNG, and MP4 exporting is possible with Alight Motion.

KineMaster, in terms of exporting formats, is more advanced. Supports MP4, 3GP, and MOV formats used on big screens and much more. Consider using KineMaster if you want your videos to be saved in the highest resolution.

Asset Store

KineMaster proposes to users a built-in asset store that provides access to a broad variety of pre-made graphics, transitions, and audio effects. This feature makes it effortless and rather easy for users to enhance their videos with professional-quality content. 

On the other hand, Alight Motion offers support for creating custom graphics and animations, but it may not have a similar range of pre-made content available within the app as KineMaster. If you are into premade graphics and animations, then KineMaster is the editing app for you. 

User-friendly Interface

KineMaster’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it a great choice for beginners and casual users who want to quickly and easily edit videos on the go. Alight Motion, while still user-friendly, may have a slightly difficult learning curve for those new to motion graphics and animation.

If you are a beginner who just got into video editing, then consider using KineMaster. For professionals and advanced users,  Alight Motion is the perfect option. 

Feature Comparison Table: Alight Motion vs. KineMaster

FeatureAlight MotionKineMasterBetter Option
Multi-Layer FeatureAdvanced layering features optionLimited optionsAlight Motion
Audio EditsVery basic audio editing optionAdvanced audio editing toolsKineMaster
Keyframe AnimationsAdvanced animation option with enhanced visual effectsTransition, visual effects, limited animation optionAlight Motion
User-friendly InterfaceNot for beginners, comprises more advanced featuresEasy to use and user-friendlyKineMaster
Video Exporting Format4K resolution high-quality exporting format4K resolution exporting format supported by MOVKineMaster
Platform AvailabilityiOS (iPhone, iPad), AndroidiOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, ChromebookBoth
Pricing$6.99 a month$4.99 a monthKineMaster

Which one is better? Alight Motion vs. KineMaster

Both Alight Motion and KineMaster are mobile-friendly video editing apps and are perfect in their own way. Alright, Motion is an editing application with many advanced features and a steeper interface that may be difficult to understand by users who recently started video editing. 

Alight Motion is a good editing option for advanced or more professional users. KineMaster also offers advanced and similar features as Alight Motion, but options are still limited in this app. However, Alight Motion Mod APK is a very good editing app for newbies for its user-friendly interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alight Motion does not have a user-friendly interface and is slightly difficult to use when it comes to editing video. It requires time to understand this application.

Alight Motion is a perfect application for advanced-level video editors. Whereas KineMaster is a perfect option for beginners. 

KineMaster does not support the keyframe animation feature. However, it offers distinct animation and visual effects for users to edit their videos. 


The Alight Motion vs. KineMaster comparison gives us the benefit of choosing any one of these apps wisely. Both Alight Motion and KineMaster are powerful and widely used video editing apps that provide a variety of tools and features for creating and editing videos on various devices like Android mobiles, iOS, and PCs. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each app can help you decide which one is the best fit for your specific video editing needs.