Alight motion vs CapCut

It is always confusing to pick the best video editor while having wide options on the App Store. Briefly, if you are a beginner and wanna step into a video editing app, then CapCut gives endless templates to edit videos even if you are a beginner and looking for a starter pack, while Alight Motion has a broad list of customized animation options that is the best professional editor. 

But still, the Alight motion and CapCut Battle continues here. You will find the detailed differences and slight similarities between these two top user-favorite apps. We are sure that at the end of this discussion, you will get the ultimate answer that is best for you and your friends

A Brief Comparison of Alight Motion vs CapCut

On the beginner level, using CapCut for basic editing is the best idea because it’s handy, convenient, and easy to use as a mobile video editor. You can upload your CapCut video on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels by putting any of the 400 plus effects options with your favorite trending audio because it doesn’t require much expertise in the field of editing.Alight motion vs CapCut

On the contrary, Alight Motion is an advanced and professional app that comes with endless lavish features that are tricky to use. Also, there are multiple tools to animate, edit, or create videos, draw details, and interesting captions to take your creativity to another level.  It helps in creating some unique and cool content that will stand out from the crowd and show your individuality. So, let’s get deeper! 

Comprehensive Table on the Basis of Difference between Alight Motion and CapCut 

Key FeaturesAlight MotionCapCutwhat is best
PlatformAvailable on desktop iOS and Android phonesAvailable on desktop iOS and Android phonesBoth
User friendlyAdvanced and professional usebeginner-friendly and super easy to useAccording to the nature of editing
PerformanceAnimation, drawing, and lavish effectseasy and basic editing and templatesCapCut
AnimationProfessional-level animation toolsbasic animation for personal useAlight motion
Extent of editingprofessional editing with advanced endless toolspersonal content editing, basic and limited toolCapCut
Slow motion featureNot have any expertise in slow-motionSlow motion feature to make trending videosCapCut
Edits in RGBProvide RGB editing via grading featureNo RGB toolAlight Motion
Audio Editing featurequite limited to providing audio editingendless possibilities in providing audio editing toolsCapCut
Video formatMP4, GIF, JPEG, XML, and PNG4K resolutionAlight Motion
CustomizationUnlimited choices to customizeA basic list of features that customizeAlight motion
Subscription6.99USD 7.99USDAlight motion

Alight Motion vs.CapCut-Comparison of Features 

The two best competitive editing apps are in front of you but you can’t decide the best one because both are giving you outstanding editing results. So, let’s have an in-depth discussion on the basis of their features and tools.

Font Style and Text Effects

Text fonts are a way to write your long heart-to-heart conversation for your audience. That’s why Alight Motion is offering you hundreds of font styles and effects. You can change the sizes, colors, and alignment of the texts. Moreover, there are vast options for text shadows, effects, blends, and more.

CapCut comes with a wide collection of 100 plus font styles in multiple languages that can depict your style. 

Offering mesmerizing text effects that have 300 plus varieties and 240 bubble-style text fonts will be fun to use. You can alter the text background colors, stroke colors, font size, formats, and opacity according to your choice.

Visual effects

In contrast, Alight Motion offers a limited range of visual effects, and other variety can be used if you subscribe to its premium. its quality effects also assist you in creating transitions.

CapCut is ideal for putting visual effects in your lifeless videos. These effects make your content super exciting for the viewers. CapCut brings to you a collection of over 600 visual effects free of cost. You can pick visual effects according to the nature of your video from its categories with easy titles.Alight motion vs CapCut

Export Formats

There is always a need for suitable formats to share your masterpiece with your loved ones on the desired platforms. cheers to Alight Motion because now you can share your work by saving in desired formats such as  MP4, GIF, JPEG, XML, and PNG sequences. 

When we create videos by using CapCut, it always gives the only option you save in up to 4K resolution.


It’s a big treat for us that now you can make endless creations by just using a free mobile app. Now you don’t need a large screen to make professional changes to complete complicated tasks. Fortunately, CapCut and Alight Motion edits are great on Android and iOS devices. Still, if you want to enjoy its editing features on a big screen then you can use it via emulator.Alight motion vs CapCut

Sounds Effects

When we talk about sound availability CapCut wins the show because it features 500 plus sound effects free of cost. recording in your own voice is also a trending option these days. Also offering an old-fashioned option to choose from the gallery is still applicable. 

TikTok is its parent app so you can browse all the trending audio from the TikTok library. 

On the other hand, Alight Motion is just offering you a ‘choose audio from the device’ option.Alight motion vs CapCut

Auto captions

Auto Captions is a rare feature that we barely see in any app and is one of these. Surprisingly, it auto-generates the captions of your one-minute videos whether it’s the lyrics of your favorite song or it’s the clear voice of your own podcast it can generate captions within a few moments flawlessly.

Drawing Tools

Drawing options are the most attractive feature for any creative user of an editing app. it gives wings to fly high and show your magic. Likewise, Alight Motion offers advanced options such as Freehand and vector tools to draw. 

With The Freehand tool, You can draw anything there is a wide variety of brushes, pencils, and strokes. as well as changes in size, colors, etc. An erase gives a moment of ease to correct mistakes. 

While Vector drawing features customized shapes. Interestingly, you can create a masterpiece by adding or combining more and more shapes together. It’s always a fun activity in itself.

CapCut covers a basic need of drawing. it gives a raw and simple drawing option.Alight motion vs CapCut


Both Apps are free of cost on the game app store on your mobile phones but sometimes ads and watermarks irritate its users. If you want to enjoy Ad-free, without watermark results of the apps. Then, you have to pay 6.99 USD to get a monthly subscription to premium Alight Motion and 7.99 USD for CapCut. Comparatively, Alight Motion is more affordable than CapCut. Here is a quick and free solution to editing which is the Alight Motion Mod APK. Download it for free and use it for your editing needs.  Alight motion vs CapCut


Yes, CapCut is the most accessible, easy-to-use, and simple interfaced app for amateurs that’s why it’s way more popular among young content creators. 

You should have 4GB RAM on your mobile phone to run Alight Motion without any interruption.

Alight Creative is an innovative and powerful startup that is a Seoul-based initiative.

Final Verdict

Our exclusive guide gives a comparison between two well-known and competitive Apps CapCut and Alight Motion to assist you in picking the right app for your cell phone. The main matter is to meet your editing needs, budget, and preferences. Both apps compete with each other by featuring endless tools and options according to the user’s skill levels, personal style, budget, and editing preferences. It’s All about what suits you BEST!