Alight Motion Vs After Effects 2024

Are you a video editor? Amazing you are. You may also know that nowadays, two major giants
are trying to beat each other in the Motion graphics and video editing field. Alight Motion vs After
These two may be normal for you, but not for those who will land in the video editing industry for
the first time. Why? They may be confused about which is best and which one they should try.
So, this article will help them a lot. Here, we will compare both applications from their
introduction to features, pros, cons, prices, our review, etc. Thus, After reading the article, you
can easily decide which is best for which project.Alight Motion Vs After Effects

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a proficient video editing application compatible with mobile devices. It helps
you to animate Motion graphics and easily create exciting videos. The interface is attractive and
performs well per user requirements.Alight Motion Vs After Effects

Even new users can create professional-looking videos effortlessly. Moreover, the free version
of Alight Motion provides good-quality video output, making it an ideal choice for
budget-conscious users.Alight Motion Vs After Effects

After Effects

After Effects specializes in creating animations and Effects that result in impressive videos;
however, mastering the app requires significant time and practice. You have to try it repeatedly
to become an expert in it. But it’s great to create stunning videos with advanced Effects.

Alight Motion vs After Effects

Alight Motion is an easy-to-use mobile app that provides beginners easy access to video editing
and Motion graphics tools. Its features include keyframe animation, vector graphics, and color
correction options, which enable them to create high-quality videos.
After Effects is a high-end software extensively used in the film making and TV industry. It offers
advanced features, including 3D modeling, compositing, and visual Effects, making intricate
animations and videos.Alight Motion Vs After Effects

Alight Motion Vs. After Effects – Comparison Chart

FeaturesAlight MotionAfter Effects
CompatibilityiPhone/iPad/AndroidWindows/Mac/ SaaS / Web
SupportOnlineBusiness Hours, online
PricingFree$54.99 Monthly
Rating4.0 / 54.5 / 5

Key Features

Alight Motion

  • Alight Motion is designed is mobile compatible and have attractive design.
  • It also has touchscreen controls, making it easy for new users.
  • The app offers diverse Effects and templates, allowing you to improve your videos easily.
  • Alight Motion never ignores keyframing and offers a streamlined animation workflow.
  • It adopts a mobile-first approach, which facilitates the fast creation of projects.
  • The software is best for mobile content creators to edit short videos on the spot.

After Effects

  • After Effects has a more intricate design with a broad range of tools to offer, which may
  • need new users to practice it.
  • It provides a more extensive range of functions, like 3D animation.
  • It offers flexibility and control in creativity, empowering users to take charge of their video
  • editing work.
  • The program is more advanced in animation capabilities than Alight Motion.
  • It is specifically engineered for intricate animations and Motion graphics.
  • This is the best choice for professionals who want extensive control over their work.
  • After Effects is tailored towards experts working in the film making, TV broadcasts, and
  • advertising industries.


● Alight Motion is user-friendly and mobile-friendly.
● It is best for the new video and graphic Motion editors.
● It is fast and easy to access.

After Effects
● After Effects is best for the experts to complete their advanced Motion graphic and visual
Effects projects.
● Its integration with other ACC apps makes it more demanding.
● It makes you a full controller of your work.


Alight Motion
● It offers limited features for the professionals.
● Not best for complicated projects.

After Effects
● Not easy for beginners.
● It is more costly than Alight Motion.

Comparison of Alight Motion Vs. After Effects

  • After Effects is best for complicated projects; on the other hand, Alight Motion is best for
  • simple projects.
  • Alight Motion is beginner-friendly, while After Effects is for professional choices.
  • Alight Motion is affordable; rather, After Effects is costly.
  • Alight Motion is simple, but After Effects takes time to learn.
  • Alight Motion is mobile-friendly, allowing access to all of its features on the go; however,
  • After Effects is an advanced application used for advanced projects like TV, films, etc.
  • Alight Motion is also lightweight and runs seamlessly on mobile; on the other hand, After
  • Effects is compatible with Windows operating systems.

My Review

Based on my experience with both applications, I love using light Motion. I always preferred to
use it over others for video and animation editing tasks.
For video editing into multiple clips, AE is recommended for the best results. On the other hand,
to create advanced animations using a complex dashboard, it is advisable to opt for After
Effects. Remember that After Effects is a heavy application and may slow down your PC. So the
choice is always yours! Best of Luck!


If you are a new user and will create your projects on mobile, you should use the Alight Motion.
However, if you are an expert, have a desktop, and love to create stunning animation, then After
Effects is the best choice.

Alight Motion can be an alternative to After Effects for creating basic to intermediate-level
animations and video editing. However, for more advanced features, complex animations, and
heavy-duty video editing, After Effects is still the industry standard and preferred choice by


selecting Alight Motion or After Effects depends on your specific requirements.
Both video editing tools are exceptional in their purposes and will never let you down. We have
introduced you to their features, pros, cons, and prices. Now it’s your choice. However, Alight
Motion is user-friendly for those who create content on mobile devices. For a professional video
editor, After Effects is the ideal tool.t, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean diam dolor, accumsan sed rutrum vel, dapibus et leo.